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Friday link roundup!

Friday link roundup!

It’s a rainy cold day in South Carolina (“YAY” says Laura) but never fear: We’ve got a random assortment of links to distract you from your weather woes!


For those of you who don’t know, I have unruly crazy curly hair. I’ve tried and failed to engage in the Curly Girl Method (google it) about three times. And I’m trying again. So here are a few curly girl resources for anyone going through The Transition:

Figuring Out The Porosity of Your HairCurlspirationSilk Pillowcase

Also I am SUPER into period films. Give me Keira Knightley running around in a pinafore and I will fall to her feet and praise her! Speaking of, Keira is in TWO upcoming period films and you can see the trailers below:


I have been a rabid fan of The Good Place for a few months now, and the ferver hasn’t really stopped. Everything Michael Schur touches is gold (i.e. Parks and Rec the best show ever). Speaking of, when I found out he was involved in Brooklyn 99, I start binging that on hulu and it’s incredible. I’m only in Season 4 now, and I’m so excited for what’s yet to come.

My friend Lindsay recommended Native Deodorant to me as a good natural deodorant solution, and I ordered a sample pack from their website so I could test their smells. I’m straight obsessed with Lilac & White Tea and Cucumber & Mint, but honestly all of them smell great. I’m excited to transition to aluminum-free deo!  

A couple weeks ago, I watched The True Cost on Netflix, and, especially in conjunction with reading Women in Clothes, it really shook my world. Now, my brainspace is being taken up with how to be intentional in my clothing choices so they represent who I am, but also being a responsible steward of my earth. It is overwhelming, and easy to believe that one person can’t make much of a difference. But I’ma try, one clothing decision at a time. We’re probably going to write a separate blog post about it eventually, so be on the lookout!

Currently reading: Women in Clothes, I swear I’m going to finish this weekend because I never take this long on a book, even a gigantic one, and it’s making me antsy.

Currently listening to: I go back and forth between listening to the audiobook of You are a Badass at Making Money (eh so far) and the Beyonce pandora station. I think I’ma stick with Beyonce today, tbh.

Currently eating: Y’all I can’t stop eating the egg, cheese & jalapeno breakfast burritos from El Monterrey, which I can only find at my neighborhood Kroger. I seriously could eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I CAN’T STOP. SEND HELP.

Pictured: What we’re currently reading (or what we were reading last weekend when we were together)

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